Nicole Thomas and Kim Cole are working to help a Walla Walla guarsdman whose house burned down, one of his children died in the fire and the other is in ICU here in Spokane. They need a hotel to stay at up here for the child in ICU and gas to go back and forth for the funeral. Many groups have been contacted and we will help them financially if needed. Nicole and Kim are all over this.

The Veterans Outreach Center contacted us, they have a vet with severe PTSD that attempted suicide by cop by trying to take the officer’s weapon and he may be sent to prison without the help he needs. We’re working with probation officers and judges to try to get the prosecution to lower the charge from a felony to a lower charge so that he qualifies for the veteran’s court program where he can get the help instead of pushing him farther into a bad situation. It’s an ongoing process and we’re doing our best with this.