Emergency Shelter

House Of Charity
32 W. Pacific
adult men; medical clinic, meals, hygiene, laundry services, counseling, mail drop.

Union Gospel Mission
1224 E. Trent
adult men; no stay limit, counseling, meals (also for guests), hygiene, clothing, eye care, chemical dependence rehab services.

Salvation Army Family Emergency Center
204 E. Indiana
families; meals, food bank, clothing bank, prescriptions, life skills and parenting classes, drug and alcohol free.

St. Margaret’s
women and children (boys under age 11); safe environment, confidential address, clothing bank, support services.

VOA Hope House
111 W. Third
single women; meals, showers, clean safe environment.

VOA Crosswalk
525 W. 2nd
youth 13-21; meals, clothing bank, medical clinic, classes.

SNAP Homeless Office
500 S. Stone
families, couples, single mothers, or single expecting women; life skills classes, family emphasis, educational and vocational assessments.

YWCA – Alternatives to Domestic Violence Confidential Shelter
829 W. Broadway (offices, not shelter site)
individuals and children that are fleeing domestic violence; 24 hour crisis assistance, confidentiality, support groups, legal and counseling services.

Truth Ministries
1810 E. Sprague
adult men; evening meal, hygiene services.

UGM Crisis Shelter for Women and Children
1234 E. Sprague
single women and women with children; meals, late check in at 535-8510.

Volunteers Of America Emergency Assistance
W. 2nd Ave. Spokane, WA 99201
*Financial assistance for utility shut off notices, household goods and clothing.