We have a disabled navy vet with severe PTSD that wrote an extensive letter to Dan Kleckner about how far behind he has fallen with his bills due to his disability. Dan forwarded the letter to Theresa and myself to see what we could do along with resources that we could point him to. His water has been shut off several times and his power is about to be shut down on the 20th. He has done much legwork and gotten help from local veteran organizations but is still a bit short. After talking with him the CVR can help with his water bill with $200, Theresa will also help with his power bill and is gathering other veteran organizations to help financially.

I also referred him to the Spokane County veterans services, the VSO at the outreach center, the employment transition coordinator at the National Guard Readiness Center and the Spokane County fire department as they have grants to help veterans.

It takes a village for sure.