Our Mission and Vision

Combat Vet Riders Our Mission

The Combat Vet Riders (CVR) is a group of present and former combat veterans of the United State Armed Forces that ride motorcycles for a hobby. We are a recognized 501(c)(19) veterans organization.  Our mission is to promote veteran causes and support veterans in need.  The use of the word “club” in reference to the CVR is not meant to imply that we are an MC.  In the biker world, that term is reserved for an organization that requires a different commitment of its membership than ours.  We are a neutral, non-territorial, motorcycle club with a one piece patch; we respect all other clubs, a respect which is expected in return.  Our full members have served their apprenticeship at war, a testing that those that have never been to war, do not know.

Combat Vet Riders Our Vision

Through our rides, events, and fundraising efforts, we aim to foster a sense of unity among combat veterans, providing a platform for them to connect, share their experiences, and find renewed purpose. As we traverse the highways and byways, we forge unbreakable bonds that not only strengthen our own resilience but also extend a helping hand to Veterans facing challenges on their journey to civilian life.

Our organization is a beacon of hope, dedicated to raising awareness and funds for Veterans struggling with physical, mental, and emotional wounds. We envision a future where no Veteran is left behind, where every member of our community can find the support, resources, and opportunities they deserve. By harnessing the power of our shared experiences and the thrill of the ride, we are committed to inspiring change, promoting healing, and paving the way for a brighter future for all Veterans.

In our vision, we see a world where the rumble of our engines echoes not only through the roads we travel but also through the lives we touch. Through unwavering dedication, a deep sense of duty, and the freedom of the open road, we aspire to create a legacy of compassion, resilience, and empowerment for combat veterans and their families.