Reply To: 1/3/2024 Full patch members meeting minutes

Stevens Perry

Hansel here, my prayers are with my brothers and sisters in their troubkes, God will provide..and CVR will support.

Congrats to the new advocates, my apologies for not nutting up and putting my name in the hat, still getting feeling of being back in the club. NO EXCUSE!

I WILL try my damndest to be a solid and active member and participate as much as me health care schedule will allow.

Thank you Mick for posting the minutes from 1/3/24 meeting, really important for us who missed to keep current on what’s up.

Congradulations Panhead on finalky being awarded you CIB which you so truly earned, cliche but better later than never. I’m still waiting for my flag.

Love each and everyone of you brothers and sisters, truly honired to be part of such a special group of dedicated men and women.