1/3/2024 Full patch members meeting minutes

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    Thomas Maley

    CVR Full Patch Members Meeting minutes 1/3/2024


    Pledge of Allegiance, Moment of silence

    Meeting called to order @ 18:33 hours  Present: 31

    Officers Present: Jeramiah President, Ginger Vice President, Mick Secretary, Bug Treasurer, Jamz SAA

    Guest: Diann, ABATE coordinator, did not show to tell us more about the Road Guardians “Accident Scene Management” class at our clubhouse on 1/20/2024 start 09:00 to 17:00.

    Jeremiah: Club is looking for members who go on a lot of the club rides to take this class as it will benefit everyone on a ride if they are needed. The price is $100.00 with a $50.00 rebate for taking just the class or Join ABATE for a $30.00 annual membership fee and the class is free.

    President Report: Happy New Year to all hope everyone had a good New Years eve celebration. I drank a little too much alcohol and now trying to rehydrate. Had a surgery postponed keep me in your mind when I go under the knife. At the Veterans Day celebration put on by Lone Wolf Harley they had asked CVMA to attend but they turned them down due to their previous commitments. We showed up regardless of our commitments so they put out a donation can for CVR and at the end of the day presented the club with $269.00. It was confirmed to be club money and we could spend it however we like and we chose to give it to another family that is going thru tough times. We gave it to Fallout and Tink.

    The club, and auxiliary, have been helping Hillbilly, Nicky and family through the many challenges they are facing during Nicky’s recuperation. Diggers friend Jessy and his wife Courtney head a group called Trax Brax who find a veteran every year to help, this year they chose Hillbilly and family. Gave them food, presents and money, all at their own cost. They made a video of the escapade and it is available on You Tube under Tran Brax. Take a look at it you will enjoy it.

    Vice President Report: The next By-laws rewrite committee is scheduled for Wednesday 1/10/2024, 18:30 hours at the clubhouse. Trying to get draft copies available for all who want to see changes proposed.

    Sec Report: Are all the ballets in. Has everyone voted?

    Ther are 2 changes in nominees, Panhead asked to be removed as advocate and for personal reasons I have removed my nomination for secretary. I thank Jamzs for nominating me and apologize for my change of heart. I thank the members for allowing me the privilege of representing the club as it’s secretary, maybe another time.

    Will pass around sign-up sheet for the ‘Accident Scene Management” class. Sign in before you leave tonight.

    Justin Steel withdrew his application for membership. May restart sometime in the future.

    Short Round and Chief have rolled up their memberships and left in good standing with the club.

    Ginger started to tally votes.

    Treasurer Report: Bug has the financial statement on the E-board table for those who want to review it.

    SAA Report: Will be getting heart valve replacement surgery soon. Will post when time is known. We will keep you in our minds for a full recuperation.

    Resource Officer: Not in attendance.

    Chaplain: Strider has been getting more feeling in his arm and leg and was able to take 7 steps on his own. Hillbilly’s wife Nicky, my sister-in-law Karen, Panhead, Pyro has covid19, Jamez heart valve. Keep them all in your prayers.

    Event Coordinator: Simo: Not in attendance.

    Rides Digger: Behind in getting board updated, have a few 2-to-3-day rides in mind. June LoLo pass, July Chelan and Chelan Lake with a day boat ride across the lake and back. Canada trips, Fairmont hot springs and others. Asked for ideas for shorter rides and asked to be kept up to date on events going on.

    Advocates: Digger: Nothing Just Rob: Nothing

    Club House: Fallout, nothing

    Dawg: Has blank ID/ information cards to take and fill out. To be carried when on a club ride in case of an accident and your incapable of responding. Maybe able to laminate at another meeting.

    BREAK / and/or Vote

    Hillbilly: Out of gratitude for all the help the club has given him and his family he presented us a panoramic photo of the 31st fighter wing he was a part of during his 2011 deployment. He will have a frame made for it so the club can hang it on one of walls.

    Results of votes: Present is Jeremiah. Secretary is Dawg. Advocates are Steveo with high count, Digger with second highest count but need to clarify. We are out of by-laws stated requirement of two combat vets to one service vet due to oversight of last election. We need a waver of the by-laws requirement to allow Digger to remain an Advocate. Panhead proposed a waver of the by-laws and it was seconded. Vote taken and passed unanimously. Stevo and Digger are Advocates. Who replaced Pappy and who replaced Digger is still to be resolved. Jeremiah retained Jamz as SAA.

    Old Business & Miscellaneous Topics: Friday game nights and Sunday brunch back on.

    New business: Inland Northwest Motorcycle Show and Sale coming up in March 08-10, checking with Simo about getting a booth space. Schedule for shifts at the booth will be coming out, please start thinking about the time you can volunteer to help out. Good time for prospects and flash patch to get events in.

    Fallout wanted to get an outside light to illuminate our logo on the clubhouse to make it easier for people to find us at night. E-board thinks it’s a good idea. Digger volunteered to purchase a solar powered one and install it. Solar didn’t work so well and will get one to hard wire, asked to make sure that would be to code, was agreed on.

    POW/MIA committee needs to get started, need volunteers. Good time to start getting donations. Started passing around a sign-up sheet for the committee.

    Good of the Order: Stevo let everyone know that Delano and all his immediate family are under the weather and wont return to club activities till everyone is well.

    Dawg will be getting Life Flite renewal information soon and let all know when he gets it.

    Strider is getting better with the therapy he is on at the Vets home. May be released as early as May this year to live in his own home and take care of himself. Dirt gave a van that has already been modified for a person with a wheelchair disability. May need a little more work for Strider, will see. May need ramps at his house for access. VFW 1435 has movable temporary ramps they will bring and install. Will post if any help is needed, please keep in mind.

    Bug thanked the new Advocates and let them know he has new books they get to audit. HA HA

    Panhead wanted to let everybody know that after 57 years he has finally been awarded a CIB to his DD-214, all applauded.


    Meeting adjourned: 19:30 hours


    Good-by for now, thanks for letting me be Secretary, Mick



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    Stevens Perry

    Hansel here, my prayers are with my brothers and sisters in their troubkes, God will provide..and CVR will support.

    Congrats to the new advocates, my apologies for not nutting up and putting my name in the hat, still getting feeling of being back in the club. NO EXCUSE!

    I WILL try my damndest to be a solid and active member and participate as much as me health care schedule will allow.

    Thank you Mick for posting the minutes from 1/3/24 meeting, really important for us who missed to keep current on what’s up.

    Congradulations Panhead on finalky being awarded you CIB which you so truly earned, cliche but better later than never. I’m still waiting for my flag.

    Love each and everyone of you brothers and sisters, truly honired to be part of such a special group of dedicated men and women.

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