10/18/2023 Full Patch meeting minutes

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    Thomas Maley

    10/18/2023 CVR Full Patch Members Meeting Minutes @ 2405 N Dick Road, Spokane Valley, WA

    Pledge of Allegiance, Moment of silence

    Meeting called to order @ 18:32 hours Present: 25

    Officers Present: “Jeramiah” President, “Ginger” Vice President, “Mick” Secretary, “Postie” Treasurer,

    “Jamz” SAA

    President Report: This will be a short meeting, not doing a full agenda.

    For the Friday the 13th escort for Navy vet Bruce B. Bishop from the IGA in Medical Lake to the Veterans cemetery we had 6 members who participated. Jeremiah had the day off and attended, the others were, Precious, Jamz, Weed, Waterdog, and Conda. Asked if anyone showed up for the celebration of life on Saturday and no one raised a hand. Noted that 57 people had seen the post for this in the club face book page and it was disappointing that no one went or posted anything about getting a group together to go.

    Waterdog spoke up and said that the family was OK with that. They understood we had other things planed and thanked those who did the escort.

    For the Bull Lake Rendezvous next year, they are having the group Bellamy Brothers perform. We have been contacted by Dave, the organizer of the rendezvous, and asked to do security for them. They will be glad to make a donation to the club if we can perform this duty. Need 7 members. Will be in touch with those that showed interest. The rendezvous is the 3rd weekend in August, the same time as Dan Kleckner Golf Classic. With the small numbers of members who attend Bull Lake this should not affect the number of members who are available for the Golf Classic.

    Attended the Tuesday night emergency meeting of the Auxiliary. They are falling in numbers to just a few that do the majority of their work. They will take a break for a few months and regroup. Hope for more participation from spouses of new members. Ask for help from members with introductions to new members, wives and guests hoping this might help. Need help with food for pot luck at meetings. If you can please bring some food to share doesn’t have to be home made, a pizza or chicken or anything will help. During the winter months may start Sunday brunch again, maybe twice a month, we’ll see. Christmas party will be 9th or 15th TBD. November meeting will have 8 quilts of valor given out just as before.

    Vice President Report: When you do work with a group for a common goal and have support from several people with the same mind set it’s not hard and can be enjoyable. When the numbers fall off and only a few are left the fun starts to turn into work and a change in your desire to continue. Just saying, keep it in mind.

    Want to give a big “Congratulations” to Cornfed for being at his first full patch meeting after becoming a full patch member. The same for Hansel after getting his 3-wheel endorsement he’s now back out of retirement.

    Sec Report: Need nominations for President, Secretary, and 1 Advocate. Voting in January meeting. Jamz nominated Jeremiah for President, Postie nominated Dawg for Secretary, Stich nominated Scout for Secretary, Jamz nominated Digger for Advocate, and Ginger nominated Steveo for Advocate.

    Treasurer Report: Postie, have around $44,000.00 in the bank. $2,400.00 from Kleckner, $9,514.00 from POW/MIA, $1,749.00 from Yoke’s fund raiser.

    SAA Report: Want to keep a good understanding with new club patches in town. Show respect for all.

    Event Coordinator: Simo: Not in attendance.

    Rides: Digger: Was pleased with the fall closer ride, it also being the Laz memorial ride to Murray this year. Weather could have been better but no problems. Want to earmark 3 separate spots on the Laz memorial ride to be pointed out each time we ride it. 1st will be the Panhead guard rail curve, 2nd will be Stich’s bend, and 3rd will be the back road ride from Kingston to the chain-up station after rose lake will be called Mick’s trail.

    Dawg asked why we had just one memorial ride honoring a deceased member and not a ride for each one of them. Hansel spoke up and said we honor all our fallen brothers every time we put on our cut. Nothing more was said.

    Chaplain: Tunner had to take dog Whisky to emergency. “G”, Dorothy Payne, is down with Covid 19. Keep all in your hearts and minds.

    Fallout wanted to keep everyone updated on Tink’s condition. She is home but in pain. She will be losing her foot and maybe part of her leg to gangrene. Has an appointment at the end of this month when the doctor will make a final decision on how to act. Mad because he has a medical appointment at the same time and can’t be with her, but has family that will be with her.

    IT Report: Pyro: Has a short list of improvements to submit to KNOCK. We are given a free one hour of developer time, per month, for work on the site. Suggestions are still asked to be sent to his email address. Some discussion about what we had in the old site and still need in the new one and the ability to integrate what backup files Scout has into the new site makes it a work in progress.

    Advocates: Just Rob nothing Pappy Not in attendance Digger nothing

    Club House: nothing

    Sponsors: Precious is now Mike Braden’s Sponsor. Steveo, Delano needs 2 rides

    Old Business & Miscellaneous Topics: Trunk “n” Treat not an event. Ginger, Scout, Steveo, Gnomie and Elvis left the ride from Murray to get to there a little late. Ginger had a little friend fly under his helmet and kept crawling toward his ear, had to make an emergency stop on the roadside to correct the problem. Put him back a little with time but made up for it. Conda was already set up at the waiting for them. All went well and helped Fallen Heros pack up their trailer. Scout said the Army National Guard family services want more interaction with the club to allow members of the guard to find ways to blend into the community outside of the military. Steveo said it was a good way to interact with other clubs.

    New business: West Valley High School asked for someone to come by on Veterans Day and say a few words. Maybe ask Precious to go and recite “The Price of Freedom”. Need to get back to them about time and place.

    Starting a By-laws review committee, will be Ginger, Steveo, Dawg, Tex and Pyro.

    Good of the Order: Scholarship committee, Straightshot, Pyro, Scout, Stich. Some discussion on where it was left off at. Will start meeting again and work on fine tuning what was talked about.

    Rayzor wants to get I D cards going again. Blood type, contact names, etc. had them before, needed in case of accident. To be carried in cut pocket. Pyro donated the use of his laminating device and creation of the blank cards.

    Last item: Scout: Talk about Gnomie for full patch. Took vote, was unanimous, will receive patch at November meeting.


    Meeting adjourned: 19:37 hours


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