10/5/2022 General meeting minutes

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    Thomas Maley

    CVR General Meeting 10/5/2022 Minutes


    Pledge of Allegiance, moment of silence

    Meeting called to order @ 18:39 hours, 53 present

    Officers Present: President, Jeramiah, Vice President, Ginger, Secretary, Mick, Treasurer, Postie, SAA, Jamz

    Guests: Austin, USMC Afghanistan vet, rides a Harley. Diane representative for the End of Watch traveling trailer.

    President Report:  A group of 8 did the ride to Sandpoint for a flag raising ceremony for the opening of the new veteran’s clinic in Kootenai. We were well received by everyone there. Thanked Tex for doing the preride and changing the KSU time so we arrived on time.

    We had a good turnout for the POW/MIA ride and auction, over 100 sighed in and last count was 93 bikes.

    Want to keep getting the Patch out there supporting other clubs’ rides and events, and they will support us the same way. This Saturday there are two rides to choose from, first, a new group, Sinners & Saints Ministry MM, is having a suicide awareness and prevention ride starts from Country Place, Hillyard registration @ 09:00 KSU 11:00. Second, Duces Wild Poker Run, starts from Curly’s, registration starts 10:30 KSU 12:00. Meet at clubhouse 08:00-08:30 decide what ride and KSU 09:30-?

    VP Report: FYI, Saturday is his Birthday. Apologized for being out of town and missing the members meeting last Wednesday, applied for a new in-house position in his company, if he gets it he will be around a lot more. Wanted to thank all who helped with everything going on with the POW?MIA ride and event and the moving wall.

    Sec Report: Lots of changes with membership, working on an updated and correct membership list will post as soon as finished.

    Treasurer Report: Nothing

    SAA: Reminds members to use Advocates when having a problem with the club.

    Resource Officer: Helped a vet from Post Falls who needed a started for his car.

    Chaplain: Was good to see Waterbug up and around and at the meeting.

    Advocates: nothing.

    Events Coordinator: Fall closer ride will be decided on the day of the ride with impute from members present. Halloween party on the 22nd starts at 18:00 family welcome but will be turning to adult later on. For Veterans Day maybe look into a ride out to vet hospital or home doing a little rev up to say Hi. Look into if Casino is going to have Vet Day dinner again?

    Auxiliary Report: Teach, doing Christmas for Veterans families also for Vets. They will use money on hand at the last quarter. They are looking for families that need help and ask members for any they are aware of, or members can become sponsors of a family, be given a list of what they ask for, go out and buy it and give to auxiliary to deliver, or donate money and the auxiliary will do everything. Need to get any money to Alicia Buckles by 12/5

    Club House: Nothing.

    Store: Thanks, all members for help on the POW/MIA ride and event. Update on the hats with our dog tag logo, they will be 2 to 3 dollars more, please see Kare Bear to get on list. Have ordered more dog tag pins and challenge coins.

    Waterdog: Showed the club flags he was looking to get a quote on in different sizes, 6×10 inch, 10×16 inch and 3×5 foot. Will start a list of who wants what to get a count and he can get a quote for a price.

    IT: Scout, forum site infected with virus can’t be repaired looking for new website host and builder, have some members looking. Marius will pass on some site information to Scout.

    Rides Committee: We no longer have a real committee, it’s just myself and Longbow. Season closer is Saturday 10/15 CH 09:30  KSU 10:00 weather look good, talk with Digger about route.

    Sponsors: Dawg, Nine: need DD-214  Dawg, Rob: needs license  Chief, Justin no show tonight, no change

    Digger, Cornfed: ready for flash patch  Digger, Stich: needs 1 meeting + 6 months  Bug, Skite: up for flash patch  Tex, Marius: needs 1 meeting + 6 months  Tex, Tuner: working on 3,3,&3

    Precious presented Hillbilly with full Patch.

    Hillbilly: Appreciated getting his patch and was glad to be a part of this club.

    Bug presented Weed with full patch

    Weed: It was a big deal to be patched and very pleased to be a part of this club.


    Old Business & Miscellaneous Topics: POW/MIA final meeting set for Wednesday 10/12 at 18:30. Want to start new committee ASAP, Puddles volunteered to be chairman. Dawg volunteered to upgrade the donation letter and business list.

    The last Thunder Thursday at Curly’s is tomorrow, clubhouse 17:30.

    The food donation for Newby-gunning’s has to be done and delivered. BBW volunteered to do it.

    Sweed update on project bike, got the carburetors from Mikes powersports, set up a meeting 10/10 to start finishing work, Will raffle off at POW/MIA event 2023. Still need to set a price.

    New business: Halloween party scheduled for Saturday 10/22 CVR Clubhouse 1800-? Open to all. Pot Luck, costume contest! Have donation bucket, on the bar, to help pay for Andy the DJ.

    Tex: On 10/20 there will be an open house for the Sandpoint Vets outreach center located on the second floor of the Kootenai clinic. All welcomed.

    Ginger noted on Saturday 10/29 there is the Bearded Pumpkin Festival @ Lone Wolf HD in the valley.

    D.B., the person in charge of the moving wall, wanted to thank all who helped with the escorts, setup & break down.

    For Good of the Order: Precious wanted to thank everyone who voted for him on the roof repair site, the work has already been started.

    Puddles and Diane call up all the members that escorted the EOW traveling trailer and presented them with a patch to show appreciation.

    Jeramiah’s sister called him and asked if he and some others would help a vet, suffering paralysis, move a bed in his home. He and a few other helped with moving the bed and other things as well as the vet down the stair to a lower floor. After seeing how limited and hard it is to get around for this vet, was thinking about Veterans Day coming up and how it would be nice if someone could spend a little time with him? Something to think about.

    Momma Bear wanted to thank all who called and/or posted concerns and get wells for waterbug.



    Meeting adjourned: 20:13 hours


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