11/1/2023 General meeting minutes

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    Thomas Maley

    11/1/2023 CVR General Meeting Minutes @ 2405 N Dick Road, Spokane Valley, WA


    Pledge of Allegiance, moment of silence

    Meeting called to order @ 18:36 hours 68 present

    Officers Present:

    President: The meeting will be done a little differently tonight. Teach will introduce her group and be giving out quilts shortly but, first would anyone here for the first time please stand up so you can introduce yourself,

    Guests: Jeremiahs daughter Isabella, boy friend Elijah in the National Guard rides off road, 2 step sisters. Jered and Paige Thorson Wingnut’s son and daughter-in-law.

    President: Turned the meeting over to Teach.

    Teach: Quilts of Valor: Introduced Diann Watters who spoke on behave of the National group of Quilts of Valor. Told of their history what they value and their commitment to honor all those who have served in the military especially those who have endured the hardships of duty in combat zones. Teach took over and called up those members who will receive a quilt tonight to sit in front of the club. She then called them up one at a time and went over their military service and personal history. Molly Destefano and Glenda Hacditan would display the quilt and wrap the member in it. In order of appearance, Stich, Army Reserve, Marine Corps. Wingnut, Air National Guard, US Air force. Gonzo, National Guard, Army. Dawg, Marine Corps. Drill Sargent, Army, Army Reserve. Jeremiah, Navy. Hussar, US Air Force. All where given a round of applause from those in attendance after they received their quilt.


    Scout spoke about Gnomie’s effort to become a full patch member will be a good member. Jeremiah and Scout presented Gnomie with a full patch. Gnomie said how much being a full patch member meant, thanked everyone and looks forward to doing more of the same.

    Hansel has got his 3-wheel endorsement now so welcome him back out of retirement.

    Gimini awarded Ruth Nachtwey, Just Rob’s wife, all her patches and welcomed her into the Auxiliary.

    President Report: Not much to say. It’s winter time, time to do work on your bike to make sure there ready for next year.

    Will be doing Sunday Brunches starting this Sunday the 5th. Will supply some food, I.E., eggs, sausage, but ask all who come to please bring something. Want to try and do 1st and 3rd Sunday a month. Time is 11:00-14:00 hope to see you then.

    VP Report: Have received 2 separate letters of thank you for our donations. First from Johnathan of Walla Walla Veterans Home the money will be used for patients and their families. Second from Long Live to Ride poker run for help with raising money to support a young girl needing medical help.

    Sec Report: January elections          New Nominations

    President: Jeremiah                                    None

    Secretary: Dawg, Scout                        Jamz nominated Mick

    Advocates: Tex, Steveo, Digger           Pappy nominated Hillbilly

    Pappy resigned as advocate we now need 2. Pappy improperly nominated Hillbilly but he did accept.

    Treasurer Report: Nothing at this time.

    SAA: All quite on the front.

    Events Coordinator: Simo: Not in attendance. 11/11 Spokane Elk Loge #228 located at 9320 E Mission is hosting a dinner for Veterans. Doors open at 17:00, dinner at 18:00. Free for Veterans and Spouse or Partner, $15.00 for non-vet, $5.00 child under 12yrs

    Chaplain: Keep Tink and Fallout in your prayers she is going in for an operation, the time is still TBD. Also keep in mind Strider, Panhead and Flames.

    On 11/9 will be going to Valley Christian School at 10212 E 9th Street. Just to say a few words. Anybody that wants to come will leave the clubhouse @ 08:15.

    IT: Pyro: Forum up and running.

    ABATE will be hosting the Road Guardians who will be give their class “Accident Scene Management” at our clubhouse on 1/20.2024 start maybe 08:00. It’s an 8-hour class with breaks. It covers a lot of useful information to have if you ever are first at an accident. It is free to ABATE members. It will cost $30.00 – $50.00 for CVR members not in ABATE. FYI you can join ABATE for annual dues of $30.00 and the class is free.

    Auxiliary: Gemini: Nothing at this time.

    Old Business & Miscellaneous Topics: West Valley High School asked for someone to come by on their observed Veterans Day, Thursday the 9th, from 13:00 – 14:30 hours, and say a few words about the club and our support for local veterans. Precious will go and recite “The Price of Freedom” or something he feels appropriate. Don’t know how long we have to stay, hopefully not for the hole assembly, we’ll see. Want us to ride bikes, will see weather permitting. If Jeremiah gets the day off, he will attend. Mick will attend. They would like anyone participating to get them a photo of themselves in uniform to be displayed while they are on stage. JPG format or another common format. Will leave clubhouse @ 12:30

    Also, on the 9th Coeur D’Alene Casino will host a luncheon for Veterans this year. Doors open at 12:00 lunch is served from 12:30 – 17:00 at the event center, free to Veterans.

    New business: Have been contacted by Keirsten, of Fallen Heros Project, about us being at the flag ceremony on Veterans Day Saturday the 11th @ 11:00 hours inside at Illuminated Courage. She wants us to do a flag line on the inside of the entrance so we have to arrive a little early. Panhead agreed to do a little speech, would like to see a few familiar faces in the crowd. Leave clubhouse 10:30

    Also, on 11/11 is the Special Forces boat cruise, luncheon and auction. Loading time is 12:00 departure at 12:30 gets back around 15:00? Cost is $40.00 per guest, contact Chief.

    Lone Wolf has contacted us to see if we would like to participate in their Veterans Day celebration on that Saturday. Have a lot on our plate right now may have to pass on that invitation.

    Store: Kare Bear has got the balance of the POW/MIA shirts in, also the smaller flags for mounting on your bikes.

    For Good of the Order: Stich, on 11/10 will be a food giveaway at Mann-Grandstaff Hospital from 12:00 – 14:00

    If you can please come by and help, may get some supplies for helping. Saturday 11/11 another fight night at the clubhouse will be there @ 16:00 for sure.

    Shutter has responded to all the post he gets from members about not being around. His duties as a First Sargent have kept him so busy, he hasn’t had free time for the club but wants to remain a member. He will get active as soon as he can.

    Have received a tire inflator for the clubhouse toolbox. Just a reminder the tools in the box stay in the clubhouse not for temporary borrowing.

    Sweed spoke about the sudden an unfortunate death of Drey Davis the drummer and former bandmate. He will be posting any information on gatherings or fund-raising events for his devastated family. A terrible loss for all.

    Scout is trying to collect the material he needs to make the AC cover before he leaves the area for a winter vacation. Trying to keep the cost down to bear minimum is taking time and is looking for someone to take over if time runs out. Heard Jeremiah say something about he could cove material and get it up if Scout runs out of time.

    Ginger: The first meeting of the By-laws review committee will be next Wednesday 11/8 @ 18:30 hours, clubhouse.


    Meeting adjourned: 20:28 hours


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