2/1/2023 General meeting minutes

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    Thomas Maley

    CVR General Meeting 2/1/2023 Minutes


    Pledge of Allegiance, moment of silence

    Meeting called to order @ 18:39 hours  41 present

    Officers Present: Jeramiah President, Ginger Vice President, Mick Secretary, Postie Treasurer, Jamz SAA

    Guests: Kim & Erick Boughton, Kim is an officer of “North Idaho Blessings from Above” a non-profit horse rescue and sanctuary group that is putting on “Run for the Ponies 2023” a motorcycle ride and event on June 24, 2023 to raise money. They left fliers for those interested.

    President Report: After some of our fire wood was stolen, the E-board has accepted an offer from Phoenix Security to do 2 nightly random drive thru and door checks of the clubhouse property for security. There will be no cost for this service. The Club is required to post 2 No Trespassing signs and one Protected by Phoenix Security Corp. on the property. We have signed a one-year contract they needed for legal reasons. Want to thank Puddles for his work on getting this done. If stopped by any Phoenix personal use the name Puddles as a pass word.

    Need to get the wood out of the trailer, I will build a more secured enclosure, maybe a lean-to with pallets I have. Nothing bullet proof, but secure enough to make it harder to get to. Plane on this coming Friday and / or Saturday to do it, stop by if you want to help.

    Went to Lewiston and gave Greta the $500.00 donation for her to use helping her family. The family’s situation is terrible, they have no insurance to cover the cost for their daughters’ operations, father lost his job due to time off for her care, they lost their house and are living with family. Felt the donation we gave was inadequate and want to ask club for a $1,000.00 more for Greta to help them. The E-board agreed, and I will ask the voting members if they approve? Will take vote before break.

    Just before the meeting I got together with the wife of the veteran from Reardan, whose house burnt down, and she took the blankets and dog food. Certified his veteran statis and found out more on their condition. They have been getting some help from others and are now living in a rented apartment here in town. They are trying to sell the property as is but may need some help in cleaning up the site, we may help them if it comes to that. Bug and others volunteered the use of their dump trailers if needed. They also may need help with rent if the property doesn’t sell quickly.

    Have started mentoring a Marine vet that got in trouble and is attending Vet Court. Will attend court meetings with him.

    VP Report: Nothing at this time.

    Sec Report: Schedule for shifts at our booth for the Inland Northwest Motorcycle Show & Sale coming March 10 thru the 12, will pass around sign-up sheet tonight and again at March meeting, also will post on face book page.

    Treasurer Report: Asked member to please get their dues up to date, if they are behind. Asked about using credit cards, said that Scout & Tink had access to the “square”, talk to them.

    SAA: Nothing at this time.

    Resource Officer: Read a letter he received from a career Army veteran who was asking for help. His family, he, his wife, 15 Yr. old Son, and elderly parents, had to leave their home due to a fire, and are living in a hotel room right now. Asked for help to pay with a deposit and first months rent on a house they all can live in. Asked if he was vetted, BBW said he was. Asked about possible insurance coverage, BBW said it was in limbo due to the cause of the fire being the son misplacing a pack against a space heater. Some discussion and amount talked over; a vote will be taken before break.

    Also has helped 2 other veterans from Fairchild will relocation issues.

    Chaplain: Strider, John Annal, recuperating from a stroke has been moved to a new facility. He is now at Royal Park Health and Rehabilitation, 7411 N Nevada St., room 325, visiting hours are 09:00 to 17:00.

    Tex had surgery on foot, Stich had work on shoulder so keep them both in your thoughts and prayers.

    Have received 2 donations. $100.00 from Freedom Consulting and $50.00 from sister-in-law.

    Events Coordinator: Simo: Frosty Bunz Run happens Sunday February 26. Let’s do more than last year and get the club patch out there. Clubhouse 09:00. Ride starts at Cruisers and finishes at Curley’s. This is an individual ride and not a credited club ride.

    Already mentioned is the Inland Northwest Motorcycle Show and Sale March 10-12.

    Lot happening in August with Sturges, Bull Lake Ronde Vue, don’t forget Dan Kleckner’s Golf Classic & Banquet Aug. 11th and 12th always want a good showing for that.

    September is our big POW/MIA ride and fund raiser. Scout is chairman this year come to one of the meetings and see what you can do to help, can always use more help.

    IT: Pyro: will have something for next E-board meeting.

    Advocates: Digger: Nothing  Just Rob: Not in attendance  Pappy: Nothing

    Club House: Have clubhouse reserved once in February and almost all of March. Panhead and G donated a jar full of pull tabs to add to our supply. Mike’s Hard Lemonade is the sale brew this month.

    Scholarship Committee: Straightshot, Stich, Pyro, Scout, Will meet one more time and have something for the E-board.

    Fund Raising Committee: Precious, Hillbilly, Kare Bear, Will have a meeting after club meeting is over.

    Non-voting members and guests asked to wait outside. 23 voting members. Vote taken on Greta and Army vets request for help. Results are confidential for voting members only and will not be published in these minutes.


    Auxiliary: Radar: Auxiliary new Vice President is Gemini.

    Teach talked about how successful Christmas for Vets was this year. Wanted to thank the 5 different club members who each sponsored a family. Those families would otherwise not have had a Christmas at all but because of their generosity where able to have something for their families. They were all very grateful and thankful. The Gift of a meal was also a blessing for so many we helped. Overall, the club raised $4,950.00 for Christmas for Vets. Hope to do as well this year. Wanted to give a Thank You to Gemini and Tink for all their help with everything and a Big Thank You to BBW for all he did. As Teach was talking a $100.00 donation was made for this years Christmas for Vets.

    Old Business & Miscellaneous Topics: V-Dub talked about insurance to cover a club owned bike to be used by any club member when needed. Short story, the club would always be liable for any and all damages done if anything goes wrong. The idea of a club bike was scraped, but we could still get a bike to fix up and sell.

    For Good of the Order: Scout announced he has a job and is looking for warehouseman, anyone qualified and need a job get a hold of him. Next POW/MIA committee meeting will be on February 20th @ 18:30.

    Stich presented Digger with an Indian Motorcycle banner. He is reserving the clubhouse March 4 for MMA fight, invited all to come.

    Precious recited “Price of Freedom” for those present.

    Ginger read a letter from “March for the Fallen” thanking us for our help with their 5k,10k,15k run last year. Gave us a small Battlefield Cross statuette with dog tags marked, thanks to CVR for all our help, and a $1,000.00 donation, Thank You very much.

    Dawg mentioned “LifeFlight” is due up in April and asked if any forms come in to let him know ASAP.

    Want to do an open house again, set date of Saturday April 29th.

    Start Sunday brunches from 11:00 – 14:00 at the clubhouse starting February 19th. Hope to get help with set-up, cooking, clean up?

    Starting Friday game nights February 24th @ 18:00. Maybe start with club only and see how it goes.

    Asked if there will be any combatant classes again? Will work on it.

    Puddles announced there will be no End of Watch ride this year, but there will be a raffle for a high end bike and he will be selling tickets $25.00 ea.

    ABATE Spokane chapter reserving clubhouse on Saturday, February 18th for their fund raiser BIKER SAUCE-OFF CHALLENGE, $20.00 entry fee for your sauce. $20.00 for dinner. Come out and support them.


    Meeting adjourned: 20:09


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