2/2/2022 General Meeting Minutes

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    SEQ CHAPTER \h \r 1CVR General Meeting 2/2/2022 Minutes

    Officers Present: Rob Hemming P, Jeff Bragg VP, Tom Maley Sec, Bryan Post Treasurer, Joe Minor SAA Rob called meeting to order @ 18:30 hours

    Guests: Mari Murphy told the members about a phone service called “Caption Call”. A service for people with a hearing loss that requires captions to understand what the caller is saying. It is a Federally funded service for no cost to the user for service and phone. Answered many questions and left information pamphlets for all interested.

    President Report: Reminded members about Friday night Game night @ the clubhouse. Starting at 18:00 with a pot luck. Encouraged members to come and bring family and/or a friend. Shoot darts, play pool, card games, dice games, etc.

    Personally acknowledged and thanked the members who attended the funeral in Walla Walla for “Momma Bear’s” father, the funeral at the state veteran’s cemetery for West Card’s friend, and the funeral at Fairmount memorial park for “Big Cat Daddy’s” son. This is what brothers do for each other.

    VP Report: Still needs proof of motorcycle endorsement and insurance from some members. Need to show proof if you want to ride with the club.

    Sec Report: Nothing to report.

    Treasurer Report: Dues are being paid, some annually some monthly, not 100% but OK for now.

    Resource Officer: Was asked by couple for help on tires and battery for car, was refused when found out they were not vets.

    SAA: Asked members to come out to the bike build and say “Hi”.

    Chaplain: Asked for prayers and good thoughts for “Hammer”, “Don Juan” and “Rocky” who are all going through health issues and wish them all well.

    Pointed out bike clothing on pool table and said it was free for the taking, or maybe a little donation if so inclined.

    Advocates: “Digger”, nothing / “Panhead”, nothing / “Dirt”, not present

    Events Coordinator: Frosty Bunz Run on 02/27, time clubhouse 09:00 KSU 09:30 ride registration and start at Cruisers.

    Northwest Motorcycle Show & Sale on 3/11-13 is on, there will be a mask mandate.

    Auxiliary P: Announced meetings to be last Tuesday of the month 18:30.

    Club House: Fallout wants the people who turn up the thermostat to be sure and turn it down when they leave, the cost is way to high. Income for month of January was $450.00.

    Store: Kare Bear had the club hoodies redone and are ready, also had public wear hoodies ready.

    Sponsors: “Jeremiah”, Cody working on getting a bike. “Precious” “Cowboy” out of town, working on events. “Bug” “Weed” working on events.

    IT Report: Scout, building a new website, should be up and running soon. It will use the same user’s name and passwords as you have now. Answered individual questions at break.

    “Lil Momma” presented “Jeremiah” a birthday cake for his 50th birthday on Tuesday, Club sang “Happy Birthday”.


    Old Business & Miscellaneous Topics: Talked about bike build, started a donation can to help with cost. “Sweed” spoke on turn out and said day and time (IE Monday 18:00) are flexible, asked members to speak up if they would like a change, and noted the donation can by the bike.

    New business: Due to lack of participation and organization the Sponsors Committee was disbanded and the original format for sponsorship will be followed.

    “Kare Bear” will be getting some help from “Precious” and “Scout” when needed with the store.

    Changing the day and time for cleaning and setting up the clubhouse for meetings to the Sunday before the meeting at 16:30.

    For Good of the Order: Club has received a $750.00 donation from March for the Fallen, Fallen Heroes Project. Will be working more with them in the coming year.

    Kristen Botts was awarded her Auxiliary Patch, took the road name “Gypsy”

    Other Business: “Pluto” and “Gypsy” have reserved the clubhouse for Tuesday March 1st from 17:00 -21:00 for “Paws 4 Vets” next graduating class of vets and dogs. Asked members to help them spread the word about “Paws 4 Vets” by visiting and liking their face book page and postings, and telling everyone they know, about them and what they do.

    “Momma Bear” & “Waterdog” are not going to attend anymore Chief hockey games this year, for various reasons, and let members know anyone can use the remaining home game tickets. Call “Momma Bear” @ 509-981-4264 if you want them.

    Meeting adjourned: 20:00 hours

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