3/1/2023 General meeting minutes

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    Thomas Maley

    CVR General Meeting 3/1/2023 Minutes


    Pledge of Allegiance, moment of silence

    Meeting called to order @ 18:37 hours  38 present

    Officers Present: Jeramiah President, Mick Secretary, Postie Treasurer, Jamz SAA

    Guests: Tony Wolf, Randal Nedaea, Charly Duranona

    Randal rode in on a unique 4-wheel peddle bike he designed and built himself. Wants to get it in the bike show.

    Charly is an Outreach Coordinator for Healthcare for Homeless Veterans in the Department of Veterans Affairs at Mann-Grandstaff VAMC. He came to tell us how we can get more involved in local Veteran Stand Downs. We could help him or others handing out information and/or various items for homeless vets. We can contact with Stand Down coordinators in the area if we want to set-up our own booth and hand out information on how the club helps veterans. Told us Dave Lucus was the local coordinator we should contact for date, time and place for upcoming Stand Downs.

    President Report: The scholarship committee (Streightshot, Stich, Pyro, Scout) came before the E-board and gave a written and oral presentation covering many of the questions and issues on starting a club funded scholarship. They will have more meetings to finalize the few remaining issues. Scout answered a few questions on who and what area the fund would cover. When they are finished it will be presented and voted on at a full patch meeting.

    To get our Forum back up and running Pyro & Scout have been in contact and discussions with several website design, build and host contractors They found the best for us is KNOCK Marketing & Design. KNOCK also did Newby-ginning’s web site so you can see the quality of work they do on that site. The new site will work like the old with both public and password membership access. E-board accepted and I signed the contract required to get started. The new site will be ready to launch June 1, 2023. Pyro answered a few questions about access, both public and for members, security and content.

    Spokane Veterans Forum / Court has a dinner every 3rd Thursday of the month hosted by different groups. Hosting is preparing a full meal, not pot luck, and serving it. May be as many as 60 dinners. Asked if the members would like to host one maybe two, at the most. Members agreed. Jeramiah will contact the Forum and get a date then will contact members to be cooks and/or servers.

    ABATE Motorcycle Organization does a lot of work getting laws passed making the roads and highways safer for all motorcyclist in Washington. Jamz and Jeramiah are members of the Spokane chapter, we let them uses our clubhouse for their monthly meeting. They just rented it for their fund raiser, “BIKER SAUCE-OFF CHALLENGE”, didn’t get a big turnout. Asked the members to help support them when ever we can. Pointed out the ABATE sign on the back wall and wants to post it some ware outside. They plan an awareness ride around Spokane Valley area in May. If our schedule is open want to get a few riders involved in that.

    VP Report: (copied from FB) Good evening everyone. I won’t make the meeting tonight as the Co vid finally caught up with me. On the VP side of things, I purchased the CVR coffee mug off ebay and am in communication with hat n patch and will purchase his remaining inventory. Thank you Ditch for the phone consult today. Take care.

    Sec Report: Nothing at this time

    Treasurer Report: Nothing at this time

    SAA: Riding Season will be starting soon so get your bike up and running in good condition and want to see a good turnout for everything we have scheduled.

    Events Coordinator: not present

    Rides: Digger: No more rides committee, wants to get erasable board placed on entry wall and keep it updated with upcoming rides and events. Has ideas for a couple of all day rides and an overnighter. If members have an idea on a ride let him know he is open for anything. He is in touch with Simo and will work together with everything that’s going on.

    Resource Officer: not present

    Chaplain: Strider, John Annal, recuperating from a stroke is still at Royal Park Health and Rehabilitation, 7411 N Nevada St., room 325, visiting hours are 09:00 to 17:00. Please pay him a visit if you can. BBW & Angie lost a brother-in-law, could not make meeting, keep them in your mind. Have raised donations from Labors Union $1,000.00, Midway Hyundai $250.00, Spokane Hyundai $500.00, Lone Wolf $500.00, Mike’s Powersports $100.00, Karen $50.00, wife Margie $200.00 total of $2,600.00. Going to a new church if anyone looking for a new place to worship give Precious a call.

    Tex: Tuner had back surgery, at home getting better for the bike show, has his own booth, keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

    Advocates: Digger: Nothing  Just Rob: Nothing  Pappy: not present

    Club House: Fallout: Don’t forget he has poker chips for drinks. Thanked Drit and Pyro for fixing the motor on one of the coolers. The people who did the Vietnam War books are coming out with an Afghanistan War version he should be getting soon.

    Store: Kare Bear will be at clubhouse to load trailer on Friday 10th.

    Has friend Trish who stencils images on metal drinking mugs good for hot or cold drinks. She can put our CVR back patch and various service images almost anything you want. They are clear coated, impact resistance and fit holders for motorcycles. They come in two sizes 20 oz. and 30 oz. priced at $20.00 and $35.00, with a $5.00 discount for orders of 20+. She is not a licensed business and the store cannot carry this for sale, but the membership can order them individually and the E-board approved that. Passed around one so everyone can get a better look.

    Fund Raising Committee: Precious and BBW have been dropping off donation letters to car dealerships all over Spokane Valley and Coeur d’Alene.


    Auxiliary: Nothing new.

    Old Business & Miscellaneous Topics: The open house scheduled on April 29th may have to be moved to another date, Tink will contact the other party and let us know.

    The Sunday brunch at the clubhouse had a good turnout, 36 showed up. Sorry if you missed it, lots of food, everyone who came had a good time. Will continue to do this once a month. Don’t bring donuts! Panhead has a large, and heavy, hot food table with several wells to use and keep cooked food hot, we can use if we want.

    Next Friday game night is St. Patties Day 3/17 because Hillbilly has clubhouse reserved for wife’s birthday Friday then the bike show. Bring some Irish food. Will keep game nights going on as long as Jeramiah thinks it’s worth the effort.

    New business: Dawg collecting for LifeFlight, $65.00 ea., needs before 4/20, children qualify as members if living with parents and do not pay individual income tax.

    For Good of the Order: Puddles has raffle tickets for a Pan Am Harley @ $25.00 ea. Put on by End of Watch.

    Hillbilly and a friend have started a tree trimming & removal business with all the equipment they need to do full service. Keep them in mind if you or anyone you know needs work done one trees and yards.

    Jeramiah has posted a bike for sale for Liz “Rosebud” a former known associate of the club. Flier is on the door to get info.


    Meeting adjourned: 20:05


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