3/6/2024 General meeting minutes.

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    Darian Allen


    General meeting minutes.

    March 06, 2024

    Call to order: 1830 Members/auxiliary & guests: 58.

    Officers present: Jeromiah, Ginger, Jams, Dawg, Digger, Just Rob, Steveo, Bug & Postie.

    Pledge, Moment of silence: SA.

    Quilt of valor:

    Teach awarded Push with his quilt of valor.

    Abate’s coordinator, Dianne informed us that Governor Jay Insley is trying. To block Washingtonian’s from buying parts to fix their own vehicles, he is also trying to go 100% electric.

    President’s report:

    We need everyone’s support; members need to step up, On and off season. (Bike show / working or not.)

    People need to catch up on their dues.

    Other clubs’ rides, we will ride as a group and if you ride with the group it will count as a CVR ride.

    Vice president’s report:

    CVR Birthday party 11/09/24 (15 years.)

    Sponsors and prospects, paperwork responsibilities. Keep the records, Dates are important.

    Bike show, if you are not scheduled to be in the booth stay out and do not block the front.

    Need to check all members insurance and endorsements.

    Sargent at arms report:

    Striders 2013 Fat boy is our raffle bike this year.

    Kare Bear turned the big “50”.

    Secretary’s report:

    Life Flight registration is $75.00 this year. Deadline to register is April 20TH.

    E Board has decided to verify 3,3 and 3 for all those required to do so. For events you need to check in

    with the chair of the event. For rides you must check in with the Road Captain before the ride or at a

    second start point if there is a split ride. A full members list for those who are required to maintain 3, 3 & 3 will be provided. Meetings will be done by a prospect to help them meet everyone.

    All voting members need to stay inside at the break.

    Treasurer’s report:

    Postie: nothing currently.


    Financial statement is on the table, come up and read it.

    Advocates report:

    Just Rob: nothing currently.

    Digger: Thanked the auxiliary for everything they do.

    Stevo: nothing currently.

    Event coordinator’s report:

    Not present.

    Resource report:

    Not present.

    Ride committee:


    4-13-24, Spring opener, Steptoe Butte. (KSU, TBD)

    4-27-24, Stich’s ride to Bayview. (KSU, TBD)

    5-11-24, Palouse Falls. (KSU, TBD)

    5-18-24, Armed Forces ride, Pastimes in Athol with a stop at Whisky Glasses in Chattaroy. (KSU, TBD).

    5-25-24, Memorial ride for Idaho. (KSU, TBD).

    5-27-24, Memorial ride for Washington. (KSU, TBD).

    6-1-24, End of watch Escort, (Morning ride). (KSU, TBD).

    6-1-24, Open house. (CVR clubhouse). (time TBD).

    Working on shorter rides as well as Sunday rides.

    Clubhouse report:

    Clean up after yourselves. A lot of trash has been left behind. This is our house, If the floor is dirty use the floor duster.

    Store report:

    Bike show set-up 0900 Friday 3-8-24 at the clubhouse, Tex is pulling the trailer to the fairgrounds.

    Show up for the bike show.

    New patches are in.

    Auxiliary report:

    4-10-24, Auxiliary meeting, encourage prospects wives to show up.

    Chaplin’s report:

    Go fishing for donations for the POW/MIA.

    Prayer’s for Panhead, Push, strider, Taz (3 surgeries) and Teach (shoulder surgery)

    Strider is up with the assistance of a walker.

    Sponsors report:

    Tex: Conda. Needs 3 rides.

    Bug: Runaway. Awarded his back patch. (vote was 31 Yea and 0 Nea).

    Stevo: Delano. Has his meetings, Needs 1 event and 3 rides.

    Precious: Braden. Needs 1 meeting, 3 events and 3 rides.

    Dawg: Elvis. Needs 1 ride.

    Old business:

    7-6-24, Newby-Byer’s ride.

    Fundraiser, 4-20-24, Yokes on Argonne 0900-1600.

    Fundraiser, 4-27-24, Yokes on Sprague 0900-1600.

    New business:

    Panhead; Nine Flash patch with KA designator and Ginger gave nine a Grounds Keeper rocker, and a cheese slap.

    There was a request for support patches for members children, (buy a support hoodie) Hoodies are yours to keep, patches must be accounted for.

    Call to order:

    Pyro had his laminator for the medical information cards.

    Meeting adjourned: 1958.

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