4/13/2023 Full patch meeting minutes

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    Thomas Maley

    CVR Full Patch Meeting minutes 4/13/2023 @ 2405 N Dick Road, Spokane Valley


    Pledge of Allegiance, Moment of silence

    Meeting called to order @ 18:40 hours  Present 15

    Officers Present: Jeramiah President, Ginger Vice President, Mick Secretary, Postie and Bug Treasurer, Jamz SAA

    President Report: The Honor Flight came back on Tuesday night and a few of us went out to welcome them home. Very few showed up, just three CVR, Jeramiah, Precious, and Stich. CVMA had 7 members attend. VFW, American Legion and other veterans’ groups where there.  Would like to see a better turn out of members for these events that show support for Vets. Try not to get the “group will take care of it” attitude. We all need to be a part of it.

    Precious spoke how emotional being welcomed home was for the Vietnam veterans because of how they were treated coming home from Nam, so please do it for them if nothing else.

    Members asked to get earlier notice of these flights, will see about getting on a notification list from Honor Flight.

    We have a very short meeting. Nothing to vote on. By-laws require a special meeting every quarter being full patch/voting members to conduct internal club business. That’s why we are here tonight.

    Not doing dinner for Veterans Forum on the 20th but will present them with our donation check that night. Be at the National Guard Readiness center by 17:30 hr. or clubhouse by 17:30 hr. if you can attend.

    Vice President Report: Talk about how we handle club money. Members only can handle money and this includes flash patch members. All money must be deposited in the club safe by 7 days after collection. Must have 2 members count the amount separately and sign the deposit envelope before depositing in club safe.

    Will start a By-laws review & revise committee sometime after May, time TBD.

    Sec Report: Nothing at this time

    Treasurer Report: Getting the books updated with last years data, club is in good shape.

    SAA Report: Reminded everyone to sign in. “When you come in, sign in.” This means everyone, member or not.

    Resource Officer: Not in attendance

    Chaplain: Strider in the VA, getting more physical therapy than in nursing homes. Full recovery is far away. Visit him when you can he appreciates it.  Pappy has lost sight in one of his eyes. Has VA appointment Friday, hopes to get a diagnosis and cure. Panhead still undergoing radiation for his back, Keep all of them in your pairs.

    Advocates: Digger Not in attendance Just Rob Not in attendance

    Rides: Digger Not in attendance

    Fund raising committee: Precious: Yoke’s Market Sprague 4/15 09:00-15:00 or later. Ginger reminded all to keep doorways and walkways clear so not to intimidate shoppers.

    Old Business & Miscellaneous Topics? Fallout asked about Global Credit Union being taken over by Alaska USA Federal Credit Union. Was told it will keep the name Global Credit Union and keep same branches, will get new cards soon.

    New business? Tex asked about snowbird members paying less in dues due to their winter absence from the area. Was talked about, final answer is, no they still pay full dues for a full year.

    Sweed asked about music for the POW/MIA event. Wanted to know ahead of time so he could contact the musicians. Talked about no full band but maybe just a solo guitar starting earlier and not staying so long. Will be talked about at next POW/MIA committee meeting in May.

    Asked about the project bike: worked on electric systems and gets a spark. Needs to work on fuel system to get it running. Looking at summertime to have it ready to offer however we decide.

    Jeramial has been talking with Kristen (Fallen Heroes Project) about the cost and availability of getting banners made for our fallen members to hang in the clubhouse. Money for that project is still to be determined at a later date. Will keep us updated when more is available.

    Good of the Order: Friday game night is on. Come out get a free meal, play some pool, cards, dominos or whatever you want. Just have a good time.

    Dawg will be collecting for Life Flight on Friday, 18:30 till?

    Let’s help the Girl Scouts and ride over to Rosauers and buy as many cookies as we can.


    Meeting adjourned 19:20 hours


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