9/6/2023 General meeting minutes

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    Thomas Maley

    9/6/2023 CVR General Meeting Minutes 2405 @ N Dick Road, Spokane Valley, WA


    Pledge of Allegiance, moment of silence

    Meeting called to order @ 18:35 hours 68 present

    Officers Present: “Jeramiah” President, “Ginger” Vice President, “Mick” Secretary, “Postie” Treasurer,

    “Jamz” SAA

    President: The meeting will be done a little differently tonight. Teach will introduce her group and be giving out quilts shortly but, first would anyone here for the first time please stand up so you can introduce yourself,

    Guests: Jeff, Michelle, Alicia and two members of Soul Patrol, Gary and 50/50, talked about the 2023 ‘Long” Live to Ride & Drive Poker Run to raise money for people affected by cancer. It’s on 9/9 with a $35.00 registration, start time 10:00 @ Bolo’s Bar & Grill, KSU 12:00. Silent auction and raffle with all money going to someone affected by cancer.

    Other guests were Alison, Keney, Neesa and Lisa wives and family of Conda and Isaac.

    President: Turned over the meeting to Teach.

    Teach: Diann Watters introduced the 3 other women helping with the quilts. Explained about the history and size of the Quilts of Valor Foundation that is a nationwide group of 10,000 people making and presenting Quilts of Valor to Veterans. They have sincere respect for all the people who have served in the military and use the making and presentation of the quilts their personal way to say thank you. Teach took over the podium and called up the members and had them sit in front of the club. Pappy/ Army, Skite/ Air Force, Postie/ Navy, Weed/ Army, Kare Bear/ Army, Ginger/ Air Force, Tex, Navy, Digger/ Cost Guard. She then called them up individually, and while two of the ladies would present and wrap the quilt around the person, she would tell all of their military servicer and awards, personal history of jobs before and after their time in the service and up to present day. After receiving his quilt Digger thanked them for all their work and he was pleased to have it given to him in the presents of the club. Pappy also thanked them and said it was the best award he has ever received. Teach has also presented Strider with his quilt of valor at the VA Hospital.


    President and Dawg presented Isaac Presley his flash patch. Isaac has been riding with family for 8 years felt it was time to join a group and was familiar CVR. Liked who we are and wanted to join. Wants to keep active and be an asset for the group.

    President and Tex presented Conda his flash patch. Conda likes what the club does and will do as much as he can do. Sometime his job does keep him from doing everything the club has going, but will do all he can.

    President Report: Talked about The Big Sky Rendezvous at Bull Lake getting new leadership next year so we won’t be doing a store there. With the turn out for Kleckner Golf classic being 11 on Friday and 11 or 12 on Saturday don’t really think Bull Lake has much of an impact on the numbers of members that showed up. Bug rode back from Bull Lake, showed up Friday at Kleckners and then rode back to Bull Lake. Would hope to see a little better turn out from club members that are available for this event next year.

    Got a Thank You from the Veterans Forum for the dinner we cooked and served them in June.

    Have a folded flag in a display on the wall behind E-board. Was given to us by Keirsten, it was her sons, flown in Iraq in remembrance of December 7th, she thought it would be appreciated more being here.

    VP Report: Nothing at this time.

    Sec Report: Encourage everyone to get on the forum and get use to using it again as our main information platform.

    Need to log in with email address and click on forgot password to create a password. Need to present any errors and short comings to either Pyro or Postie via email. There is no backup downloaded on the site it is bare bones and empty of all our old content.

    Treasurer Report: Nothing at this time.

    SAA: Just want to say that biker be ware if you go on a ride with Spokane BATAA. Say they have a different form of group riding, not quite as disciplined as we are used to.

    Events Coordinator: Simo had to leave meeting early.

    Rides: Digger: Laz memorial ride will be fall closer 10/14

    POW/MIA committee: Scout: Route is complete. Passing out signup sheets for positions we need help with. Need more medics and sweeps may be going in 3 platoons if enough riders show up. Pre-ride on 9/9 for medic, sweeps and road captains only contact Ginger. 9/10 meeting for training volunteers, clubhouse 14:30. 9/13 pre-ride 10:30 clubhouse KSU 11:00. 9/14 clubhouse cleanup 18:30. 9/15 BFE escort times TBD, Ginger will post when available. Tee shirts will be ready by ride date $20.00 short sleeve $25.00 long sleeve. Trying to make available on web site but not as of this time. Ginger reminded that only dues paying members can handle money, flash patch and up.

    Chaplain: Precious: Saw Strider last Friday, getting a little more motion from his leg. Will be released and move in to his sons on 9/14.

    Suggested a ride to church on 11/12. Will bring it up again next meeting

    IT: Pyro: not in attendance

    Auxiliary: Gemini: passing around a signup sheet for help with the taco bar for the POW/MIA event.

    Old Business & Miscellaneous Topics: In case of a disaster, like the Gray and Oregon fires, the clubhouse would always be open for a member but not for anyone outside the club. Have cots that can be used if ever needed.

    Dawg asked about starting a contribution fund from members to help fire victims. Was decided that if a veteran effected by the fires asked the club for help it would be reviewed on a case-to-case basis.

    How we qualify something as a ride or event on a case-to-case basis is when we are involved with creating or actively helping others with some event, as a group, it will be credited as such. Working the set up and/or March for the Fallen event qualifies as a club event.

    New business: March for the Fallen on 9/9 at Riverside State Park. Will be setting up on 9/8 store, flags, chairs, tables 08:00 clubhouse, if closer for anyone, they can group up at the church of the Nazarene, then meetup at 7 mile trailhead. Jeramiah will be staying overnight in the park so he won’t be hosting Friday game night, leave it up to anyone who wants host it to post. 9/9 is 07:00 clubhouse.

    For Good of the Order: Chief’s son has a veteran friend living in Davenport who wants to donate $1,000.00 to the club. He has a bathroom remodeling he needs help finishing with, doing drywall and tile work. Needs equipment and hand to help. Could afford to give $1,000.00 for the help if needed. Dawg and Bug have the equipment and volunteered to help. Chief will work on the time schedule sometime before November.

    Special Forces Veterans Day cruise is 11/11 will have ticket information soon.

    Panhead asked for volunteers to help with a little painting and stair rebuilding of a porch for a window of a highly decorated multi toured Vietnam veteran friend who died last year. There were some who will help, Panhead will set up a date after the POW/MIA event.

    Precious has project bike gas tank at his shop. It was in bad shape with dents, hole repair, rust and more. Had it blasted and lined by a company that did it for free. Still working on finishing it up may have it done by 9/16, we’ll see.

    Hillbilly asked if we’re still interested in a shootout, bonfire, BBQ at his place some time this year. Positive response from club, he needs to look into shootout ideas and targets and will work on a date.

    Scout & Gemini asked if any of the club would be interested in participating Nation Guard Family Assistance doing a Trunk or Treat at the National Guard Readiness Center on 10/14 from 18:00 to 19:30. Dress up your car or bike in the parking lot and kids come up and trick or treat. Some liked the idea, will bring it up at October meeting.

    Fallout let everyone know he has laid out traps in several locations inside and outside the clubhouse trying to take care of the mouse problem. Just be aware and look out for them.


    Meeting adjourned: 20:44


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