Genral meeting minutes 4-3-24

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    Darian Allen

    COMBAT VET RIDERS General meeting agenda April 3RD, 2024 Call to order: 1830 Members/auxiliary & guests: 56 Officers present: President; Jeromiah, Vice President; Ginger, Sargent at arms; Jams, Secretary; Dawg, Treasure; Postie and Bug, Advocates; just Rob, Digger and Steveo. Pledge, Moment of silence: SA. President’s report: Tex is a backup, Road Captain. Thursday Bike night at Junkyard BBQ. Outreach center 1730, KSU 1800. Saturday April 6TH, Wood cutting at the vet center. 0900. Samaritan riders, Open house Saturday April 6TH 2023 W. Northwest Blvd. May 4TH, Uncle Sam’s, Open house Meet at Outreach center (Club house). 1100, KSU 1130. Flag raising ceremony 1200. Update on Diane from ABATE, she is in ICU, no visitors Please. If you want to send Her a Card, contact Anne. We need to field day the outreach center. Legacy Vets: Shrimp fry April 13TH CH. 1500, KSU 1530. Vice president’s report: But cans are for butts only ne trash. If you see it needs attention clean it out. Do not block the drive lane between the club house and the grass with the flag. Stop blocking the store access. Find some place out of the way to store things. Sargent at arms report: Kawasaki? Longbow to donate Kawasaki to Jams brother/friend and he will donate to the club.?? Strider has donated his Fat Boy to the club to be a raffle bike. We will pay Strider for his bike. Ride and event Info. Complaints on a ride are to be made to the SA or Advocates. Secretary’s report: April 24Th, E board meeting will precede a quarterly voting members meeting! (1930-2000 Est.) Life Flight. Deadline is April12TH. I will be at the club house for game nights April 5TH and 12TH. Need voting members to stay inside at the break. Treasurer’s report: Postie: Nothing currently. Bug: Nothing currently. Advocates report: Just Rob: Nothing currently. Digger: Nothing currently. Stevo: Nothing currently. Event coordinator’s report: Not present. Resource report: Not present. Ride committee: Digger: Transition out of the ride committee Lead position, will still be part of the committee. The committee will consist of Digger, Stich, Conda, Puddles, Tex, and Jeromiah. Thanks Brothers. April 13TH day ride to Steptoe Butte CH. 0815 KSU 0900. Return approx. 1500. April 27TH ride to Bayview. CH. 1030 KSU 1100. Rides are 75% set. Just need to create 4 or 5 local rides. Clubhouse report: Fallout: The new outlet outside the back door is only 15 Amps. Tunner offered to run a designated line of 50 Amps if the club will buy the materials. Store report: Bike show booth made $543.00. Thank you to everyone that helped! Auxiliary report: Next aux, meeting April 10TH 1830. “This is a reboot for the Auxiliary.” All wives and girlfriends are encouraged to come, including Prospects and Flashed. Chaplin’s report: Keep Diver, Ruth (Stogie) and Diane in your prayers April 20TH 0900 Fund raiser at Yokes Argonne Village. April 20TH 0900 Fund raiser at Yokes E. Sprague. Tribute to the Flag. (i.e. old glory). “This was outstanding.” If you missed it maybe we can get him to do it again. Sponsors report: Presious: Bear. Has all the meetings, has 1 ride and 1 event. Steveo: Delano. Needs 1 ride. Panhead: Nine. Needs 2 meetings, 2 rides and 2 events. Tex: Conda. Needs 1 ride Dawg: Elvis. By a club vote of 32 yah 0 hey Evis has earned his back patch. Welcome to the brotherhood. New business: Alison (no road name yet) was given her Auxiliary flash and back patch. Welcome to the family sister. Scout: POW/MIA 1 ST meeting was very good. There will be POW/MIA meetings on the Monday before the E board meetings. Every month. T-shirt designs are open to all members, flash, prospects, and their families. Prize this year is $150.00 Deadline for designs is the June meeting. Tunner brought the club a monogramed bottle of Gentleman Jack. (with the club logo front and back). Looks awesome. Old business: Crashing sucks patches were awarded to Scout, Longbow, Fallout, and Drill Sgt. Bathroom educate, when done leave the door open so others will know it is available. PLEASE! Good to the order: Meeting adjourned: 1750

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