Genral meeting minutes June 5TH, 2024

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    Darian Allen


    General meeting agenda

    JUNE 5TH, 2024

    Call to order: 1832 Members/auxiliary & guests: 59

    Officers present: President; Jeremiah, Vice President; Ginger, Sargent at arms; Jams, Secretary; Dawg, Treasure; Postie and Bug, Advocates; Just Rob and Steveo.

    Pledge, Moment of silence: SA.


    President’s report:

    Last minute change on memorial ride 5/24/24. Saturday 25 may. KSU 0930 to 0900. We left people behind. Let’s not have a repeat.

    Respect. To everyone that walks through our door.

    D – Mon will catch up his dues at game night. He will be in good standing, so welcome him back.

    Thanks to all the volunteers that stood watch for the plant sale and the memorial watch.

    Who is going to BFE? Friday 6-14-24 OC 0730 KSU 0800. Presious will drive the chase vehicle.

    Vice president’s report:

    The next By-laws committee meeting will be Wednesday 12 June,24 @ 1830

    Sargent at arms report:

    Respect each other, Let us work together, do not be so pushy.

    Secretary’s report:

    Every one that worked security for the plant sale and Memorial watch make sure you are marked on the roster for the events.

    Need everyone that rides their own bike, to please stay inside at the break.

    Secretary’s and store corner, do not put things in the corner. There will be disciplinary actions against anyone that that does not heed this rule. Printer was broken and cost the club a lot to fix! Red toner cartridge is missing! Paper is missing.

    Treasurer’s report:

    Postie: Nothing currently.

    Bug: CVR trailer registration.

    Advocates report:

    Just Rob: Nothing currently.

    Digger: Not present.

    Stevo: Nothing currently.

    Resource report:

    BBW: We are doing good work. The club helped a Vet with his service dog. The dog has cancer and needs surgery.

    Ride & event committee:


    Fundraiser at Yokes in Mead postponed till 6-29-24 Setup 0830.

    See forum or CVR Facebook page for Ride and Event list.


    Scout: Brass less chaps will be playing outside.

    Online registration will be up early July.

    Next POW/MIA meeting is Monday 6-24-24 @ 1830.

    Need people to step up and do Thunder Thursday.

    Outreach center report:


    Kids at the bar! No more in front, on the side only. We could get in legal trouble!

    Outreach Center is reserved June 9TH, 11Th, and 12TH.

    Store report:

    Kare Bear: Working with suppliers on quantities and pricing.

    Auxiliary report:


    Fund raisers at Texas Roadhouse, Second Thursday of each month 7-11, 9-12 & 11-14 @ 1600

    Stephany received her auxiliary patch.

    Chaplin’s report:

    Precious: Keep Strider, Panhead and Tink in your prayers.

    Gave a speech about RESPECT.


    Ride position all Riders, proper order.

    Razor gave a talk about breaking and throttle roll. Front rolls the bike in; Rear pulls out and throttle roll will stand the bike up. Be gentle to much of either will put you down!

    Sponsors report:

    Stitch – Leeland Kinnell – Has 3 rides.

    Tuner – David Drury – Has 2 rides

    Tuner – John Drury – Tuner. Has 4 rides, 3 events and 3 meetings. Will go before the E Board at the next meeting.

    Precious- Bear – Flash patch.

    Bug – Anne Hooper – Flash patch.

    New business:

    Mamma Bear – Honorary patch.

    Bug – Anne (Hoop) flash patch.

    Precious – Bear flash patch.

    Izzy – Crashing sucks patch.

    Weed – crashing sucks patch.

    Old business:

    Straitshot – Vets court needs mentors. Anyone that can Please step up and help.

    Good to the order:

    Meeting adjourned: 2040.

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