meeting minutes 3 July 2024

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    Darian Allen

    COMBAT VET RIDERS General meeting agenda July 3RD , 2024

    Call to order: 1830               Members/auxiliary & guest: 57

    Officers present: President; Jeremiah, Vice President; Ginger, Sargent at arms; Gnomie filling in for Jams, Secretary; Dawg, Treasure; Postie and Bug, Advocates; just Rob, Digger and Steveo.

    Pledge, Moment of silence: SAA. Gnomie:

    President’s report:

    4 TH of July parade. OC 0815 KSU 0845 605 E. Huron.

    Newby-Byers Memorial Ride. OC. 0800 KSU. 0830. Registration @ newby ginnings.

    7/13/24 Kids Fest with Guardians of the Children. Franklin Park. OC. 0800 KSU.0830.

    7/20/24 Freedom Riders. OC. 0930 KSU. 1000.

    7/20/24 Comedy show, 1800 – 2100.

    7/21/24 Rouge Zombies, Third annual Undead run OC. 0915 KSU. 0945. benefits Bill and Sue from Vintage V-Twin. they lost their house and a lot of bikes in the fire.

    7/27/24 LOLO pass OC 0700 KSU 0730. Missoula super 8 on Reserve St. (406) 549-1199.

    8 / 9TH & 10TH Bull Lake Information. Security detail and roadies, needs to be there. Will notify.

    Social mixer with Vet Court Date TBD. Burgers & Brats.

    Auxiliary has appointed an SSA. Lil Mamma.

    Safety concerns. There is no way around the Washington administrative code we will not be using road guards.

    We need some people to step up to help people improve riding skills. Every other Sunday.

    Vice president’s report: The next By-Laws committee meeting will be. TBD.

    Sargent at arms report: Jams is on vacation in Montana. Gnomie is filling in.

    Secretary’s report:

    The next voting members meeting will be July 31ST 2024.

    Every member needs to sign a new Patch agreement. One for each patch you have. On the table.

    Every member needs to fill out a members information form, to update our members list.

    Treasurer’s report:

    Postie: Nothing currently.

    Bug: Nothing currently.

    Advocates report:

    Just Rob: Nothing currently.

    Digger: Nothing currently.

    Stevo: Nothing currently.

    Resource report:

    BBW: Helped 4 Vets last month.

    Ride & event committee: Gnomie:

    Newby Beyers OC. 0800 KSU 0830.

    Kids fest OC. 0800 KSU 0830.

    7/20 NW Freedom Riders OC. 0930 KSU.1000

    7/20 Comedy show 1800.

    7/21 Rouge Zombies OC. 0915 KSU 0945.

    Outreach center report:


    Gentleman Jack price $5.00 per shot.

    Store report:

    Kristen: fill in for Kare Bear.

    Ordering shirts and hoodies on Monday 8 July.

    Auxiliary report:


    Fund raisers, Texas Roadhouse July 11TH.

    Working on getting some See’s candy.

    Sign up for Newby- Beyer’s food Pulled pork. Need help with side dishes, needs to be at the OC by 1200.

    POW/MIA Breakfast Muffins.

    Dinner taco bar. Food needs to be at the OC either the night before or before 1200.

    Will be using both sides of the food bar going forward.

    POW/MIA Report:

    Scout: next POW/MIA meeting is 29 July.

    Baskets need to be at the OC no later than 18 July 24

    Chaplin’s report:

    Precious: Keep Tink, Panhead, Strider and Jeremiah in your prayers. _____________________________________Break______________________________________

    Sponsors report:

    Tuner / John Drury: Received his Flash patch.

    Presious / Bear:

    Steveo / Delano:

    Bug / Anne:

    Tuner / Daniel:

    Stich / Leeland: Leeland’s Road name is Spider

    We need to find road names for those that do not have one yet.

    New business:

    Elvis will take over for Postie as Treasurer. By a unanimous vote.

    Swede’s band Little Gospel Devils is playing at the Iron Goat on 13 July.

    Old business:

    Good to the order:

    Elections are coming up in January. Open positions are Vice President and two Advocates. Must be a Combat Vet. For all three positions.

    Meeting adjourned: 1957.

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