9/28 2022 Voting members meeting minutes

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    Thomas Maley

    9/28/2022 CVR Voting Members Meeting Minutes @ 2405 N Dick Road, Spokane Valley, WA


    Pledge of Allegiance, Moment of silence

    Meeting called to order @ 18:40 hours Present: 22

    Officers Present: Jeramiah P, Mick Sec, Postie / Bugs Treasurer, Jamz SAA

    Hammer had asked for some time to address members. He read from a prepared list of grievances he had about the 8/25 voting members meeting. He felt disrespected by the language used by Digger and Panhead when they said the charges brought to the discipline board against a member had no merit or proof and the board would not act on them. Said the discipline board was not run according to by-laws, the club was going in the wrong direction becoming a party club, asked about the clubhouse being used for free by other clubs and associations and members not asked to vote on it. He then spoke of being one of the original members of the club and that the feeling of brotherhood was declining and he no longer wanted to be a member and he and Andy (brought the charges to the board) where rolling up their patches along with GEO leaving the auxiliary.

    Scout, the member they filed the charges on, felt very bad about the situation and asked them to reconsider their choice. He was willing to discuss the charges right hear and now in front of the members. He didn’t want to be the reason they felt no brotherhood and wanted to leave. Haas got involved, talked about the accident last year he and Scout had. It’s still not fully resolved and he feels Scout hasn’t shown enough concern about Haas medical cost or asking if he can help out in any way. He also felt lack of brotherhood and he too was rolling up his patch

    Hammer, Andy, and Haas left their patched on the e-board table and left.

    This started an open group discission about the club, brotherhood and how to resolve problems that arise between members. The general consensus reached included having better ways to get the word out to all members when someone needed help. If members have a problem they should try and resolve it one on one and only use a third-party advocate if they can’t work it out. During this time Longbow left after saying he had to beg for a ride home from the hospital after the accident on the Newby-Byers ride.

    This all took an hour and a half before the scheduled meeting


    President Report: This meeting was called to help fulfill the requirement that we have 4 voting member meetings every year to maintain our 501 (c) 19 statis. It will be a short meeting, not doing a full agenda, nothing to vote on, we will cover everything on next Wednesday’s general meeting. There will be one more voting member meeting this year and it will have a full agenda.

    For those that don’t know “Cowboy” rolled up his patch, said he felt a lack of Brotherhood in the club. Not quite sure why he felt that way, maybe saw to much drama going on between members?

    Want to thank all the members that helped with the wall, escorting it in and out of town, as well as set up and tear down.

    Asked members how they felt about how the clubhouse was being used by other club, and associations. No one voiced any objections or wanted any changes.

    Sec Report: Have been away due to family matters, believe they are fixed as best as possible and will be sticking around for a while. My thanks to Dawg for filling in as Secretary, did a good job.

    Counted over 100 members and guests signed in for the POW/MIA ride and auction. 93 was the final count for Bikes.

    Treasurer Report: Need all receipts for business done in September in by the 30th. Need all receipts to be in a valid format to pass an audit.

    SAA: If members have a problem, they need to talk it out between themselves, not let it fester.

    Chaplain: Address a problem with a brother face to face.

    IT Report: The Forum was infected with a virus and completely unusable or repairable needs to be rebuilt from scratch. Need to find a new established server, will need to pay for. Have backup of all club data from the Forum can load in new site. Open for suggestions for new server.

    Advocates: Digger, Will stand by everything he said and how he said it at the 8/25 meeting, did not like the way a brother vet was treated by other vets.

    Panhead, remember were Vets helping Vets and the choice made by the advocates on 8/25 was the right one.

    Dirt, supports everything the advocates did on 8/25.

    Club House: Nothing.

    Sponsors: Precious: Hillbilly ready for full patchDawg: Rob, haven’t heard from.

    Dawg: Nine need dd-214 Chief: Justin needs 3 rides. Digger: Cornfed needs events

    Bugs: Weed ready for full patch Tex: Marius needs meetings

    Vote on Weed . 22 yea no nay

    Vote on Hillbilly. 22 yea no nay

    Old Business & Miscellaneous Topics:  POW/MIA had a good turnout for the ride and auction. Waterbug got some asphalt rash but she is doing well, worried more about what she did to the bike than herself.

    New business: Wed. 10/5 ride to Sandpoint for flag raising. CH 09:30 KSU 10:00.

    Still need to make a date for the final POW/MIA committee meeting to review.

    Good of the Order: Panhead made a motion for the club to pay for a new professional web server for the Forum. The motion was seconded.

    The face book club page should be cleaned of non-members, will be worked on.

    There is a donation bucket on the bar for a Halloween party DJ Andy, scheduled for the 27th.

    Auxiliary members must be with someone in the club. Talk about auxiliary officers should not be widows of members.

    Panhead thanked all for the good response he got for his opening speech at the Moving Wall.



    Meeting adjourned: 21:35 hours


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